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Copyright © Lucie Bardos 2018

Copyright © Lucie Bardos 2018

Copyright © Lucie Bardos 2018

Copyright © Lucie Bardos 2018


The PDC with Advanced Certificate in Social Systems Design is an internationally recognized online Permaculture Design Certificate course taught by a team of 40 women from 13 countries around the world. This course was organized by Heather Jo Flores of the Permaculture Women's Guild and Food Not Lawns, and goes beyond the traditional 72hr PDC structure to deliver new and  expanded modules on topics like social and emotional permaculture and cultural emergence. I had the opportunity to contribute the 'Economic Systems' module to this course. Rolling enrolment is currently open. If you sign up through the button below and list my name as the person through whom you heard about the course, I will be assigned as your mentor and you will receive 3 hours of one-to-one design review time from me as part of your course package.

I have also been asked to illustrate an all-ages COLOURING BOOK for people who sign up to the Permaculture Women’s Guild mailing list. You will also get a free copy if you choose to sign up for my personal newsletter via my Contact and Downloads page.

I Dance Between Them

Another project that I am absolutely pumped about is my first ever poetry collection: I Dance Between Them. This collection was written over the past 10 years as I have uprooted myself several times and felt those concentrated emotions that usually bubble up when experiencing a new social and environmental context. Most poems are free verse and are an attempt at bridging the gap between human language and the language of nature. The collection is in editing phase now, but will hopefully be available in book and ebook format soon. I will have a link where you can find out more once it is published.


Visual Art

I've been making visual art since I was little and recently got into handmade one-of-a-kind jewelry as well. I find these activities meditative yet exciting, never knowing what a piece will be until I get to the end. It's great practice for cultivating "willing suspension of disbelief".

I didn't want to make this website too cluttered, so I have created a whole separate website for my artwork. Click through to my artist portfolio below which showcases more visual art. You can also follow me through Facebook and Instagram, both of which showcase my jewelry and visual art. I used to sell my art via Etsy but have found that for a tiny business like mine, word of mouth and social media work better for now. All of the artwork and jewelry which hasn't yet found its forever home is available at sliding scale pricing, and as long as size isn't an issue, can be shipped to most places around the world. Contact me at if you're interested in purchasing a piece or collaborating with me.

¡The Meliponas!

¡The Meliponas! is a musical project started by myself and my partner Victor Cobian. We are happy to announce that we have recently been joined by amazing bass player Megan Fredrick, have spent the past few months playing our latin-inspired "kaleidofolk" music all over the Okanagan! To read more about the band and listen to some tunes, click  HERE.