Heather Jo Flores

Founder - Permaculture Women’s Guild

Lucie joined the Permaculture Women’s Guild in late 2017 as a content creator and student mentor. She has proven herself to be reliable, creative, and articulate in putting together a complete course module for our Online Permaculture Design Certificate Course, as well as illustrating and co-writing an all-ages colouring book to help promote the work that we do. She meets deadlines, responds adeptly to feedback and brings unique perspectives to the PWG team!

I am taking the PDC offered through the Permaculture Women's Guild and am working through your module.
I just wanted to take a break from that to let you know how much I am enjoying your videos.
They are a breath of fresh air during very trying times.
[…] I am really enjoying the content, the thoughtful way you put it together, and your upbeat presentation.
Thank you!

Peter Kindfield

Student - Permaculture Women’s Guild Online Permaculture Design Certificate Course

Lucie Bardos is a social ecosystem booster! With Many Rivers Permaculture she acted like mycelium; working within a small budget Lucie managed to pull together resources from multiple community groups to amplify the potential of workshops and community knowledge shares. Just as the rising sun reminds the land of a new day, Lucie helped me stay committed to my project goals, supported my structuring of timelines, and literally brightened my day. If all that wasn’t enough, Lucie critically evaluated TWO organizations on their policies on community transformation, providing a powerful reflection of how we could improve. It was a pleasure to work with Lucie. Every great group or individual could benefit from a little of her inspiring inoculation!

Paul Wartman

Founder - Many Rivers Permaculture

Pete Fry

Vancouver City Councillor

Previously: candidate for Vancouver-Mount Pleasant by-election (2016)

Lucie was an invaluable team member and brought a real thoughtfulness and grounding to what was otherwise a fast paced and hectic campaign. As the volunteer coordinator she really excelled at connecting and motivating people and helping them to find their niche, whatever that might have been.

Lucie was a highly effective volunteer coordinator on an election campaign I managed in 2015/2016. She combined her engaging personality with a high level of organizational ability and exceptional creative skills to help attract, retain, and effectively deploy volunteers throughout the campaign.

Jordan Bober

Campaign Manager, Campaign to Elect Pete Fry for Vancouver Mount Pleasant (2016)