My name is Lucie. I live in British Columbia Canada and am a permaculture enthusiast and teacher. I am also an artist, poet and lover of travel and exploration.

Having spent several years trying to reconcile the different parts of myself and focus my energies on a "clear life path", I recently realized that I had been fighting my very nature in this attempt. I have come to know that everything I do in life is an expression of my dialogue with nature. That is my path: I am a "Jane-Of-Many-Trades".

I have been studying permaculture for the past 10 years, both formally and independently. For me, the permaculture approach seems to be the most natural framework through which to see and act in the world. This is why I am so passionate about aligning my life with permaculture ethics and principles.

I also come from a background in critical sustainability studies. I am committed to working towards justice through my personal and professional activities, and am not afraid to have dialogues about difficult and uncomfortable topics. I am especially interested in making social movements accessible and relevant to different folks and exploring feminist perspectives.

Currently I live and work in Kelowna, British Columbia. I earn my livelihood through working for a local non-profit that empowers people facing barriers to employment. I also teach permaculture and organize permaculture-related activities in the community. Lastly, I create artwork, writing, and poetry and sell or exchange my work to supplement my income. I also dabble in YouTube with my series Permaculture Perspectives