Lucie Bardos M.Sc.

Community Builder and Educator

With a background is in critical sustainability studies, Lucie is committed to working towards social and environmental justice through her personal and professional activities. She is especially interested in making sustainability-related community projects accessible and inclusive.

10 years ago, Lucie became enamoured with an ecosystem-inspired approach to landscape and social systems design called Permaculture. Studying and practicing permaculture has helped her to understand both the patterns of nature and the patterns that we see emerging in our social environments. She discovered that the trick to successful design lies in consciously deciding which patterns to nurture and which to put to rest.

Lucie’s professional work as a permaculture educator, grant writer, project, volunteer & research coordinator have taught her a wide range of useful skills that she is now excited to put to work to help unique and innovative projects succeed! 

Beyond the office, Lucie also loves to get her hands dirty working in the garden, organizing with Permaculture Kelowna, creating whimsical artwork, or playing guitar with her Latin-fusion band The Meliponas. She also dabbles in YouTube with her series Permaculture Perspectives.  You can follow her daily musings on Instagram.